Ava Rose Designs Personal Stylist

If you are interested in the world of women's apparel, being your own boss and are looking
for a career or a part time opportunity consider becoming a stylist for Ava Rose Designs.

Here's How!

Personal Stylist

ARD is seeking out Personal Stylists for spring 2014. We are currently interviewing individuals interested in the world of fashion who are searching for that perfect part-time opportunity. You can be your own boss, set your own hours and work from home while social selling. Our Personal Stylist will have the opportunity to earn income at their own pace through hosting "Style Events" with friends, family, and fellow employees.

As an ARD Personal Stylist, you are the fashion expert for friends and family. You are also an entrepreneur. Personal Stylists can build their own team of Personal Stylists and earn additional income along the way.

Requirements of the Personal Stylists

  • Personal Stylists are ambassadors to the brand and in order to grow their business financially it’s their responsibility to focus on building their team. ARD is not responsible for building individual teams. With team growth brings long-term revenue.
  • All Personal Stylists are encouraged to host a minimum of 2 Style Events per season. The more events booked the more compensation earned and incentive opportunities exist.
  • All Personal Stylists are Independent Contractors and not employees of Ava Rose Designs.
  • All Personal Stylists are responsible for reporting their own earnings. Ava Rose Designs will provide a 1099.
  • All Personal Stylists must submit all orders through our website within 48 hours of their show end date. If orders are placed after the 48-hour period and an item is over sold the Personal Stylist is responsible for contacting their customer direct to notify them that their item is sold out. All orders can be either faxed to Ava Rose Designs or inputted through the website. Personal Stylists are responsible to notify their Senior Stylist of any faxed orders that have or will be sent. This is to ensure that all orders are filled and distributed to the customer in a timely manner.
  • At the end of the season our Personal Stylists can sell their sample purchases (Closets) at prices they determine and collect the profits.
  • Cultivate and inspire women on our designs and what works best for their wardrobe.
  • Advocate business opportunities within our organization to help build the brand and grow your income.

Financial Opportunity

Our compensation plan is built to maximize the earning potential of our Personal Stylists. Direct sales, building your own team, and accomplishing monthly sales goals all contribute to your earning potential.

Compensation Package

  • Base commission on all net sales transactions is 21%
  • Net sales is defined as before taxes, shipping, and all commissions
  • When building a team, there is an additional commission percentage added to the base commission. See "Stylist Example."
  • All commissions and bonuses will be paid out between the 16th -20th of the following month to avoid charge-backs.

Stylist Example

Example Personal Stylist Trendsetter Trailblazer
Stylist A (you) 21% Additional 3% when you book 2+ new Stylist directly to work for you. Additional 2% when one or more of your members book 2+Stylist directly under them.

Monthly Bonus Program per Stylist

Minimum Amount Booked Bonus
$2500 $75
$4500 $150
$7500 $300

Total Sales Booked Monthly Additional Commission
$5000+ 2%
$10,000 3%

  • This commission is based on total net sales for the month.
  • For i.e. $5000net sales guarantees $100
  • All bonuses are paid out on the 16th-20th of the following calendar month with sales commissions.

The Product

Our team at Ava Rose Designs has worked hard to produce quality apparel for women. At the core of this brand is a desire to create flattering, affordable, quality, one-of-kind designs that enhance confidence, accentuate self-esteem and inspire genuine compliments. These on-trend styles have created their own special niche and have built a core customer base in this fast growing industry. A portion of the textiles have been created and designed by Melanie (Owner) and her sister Michelle. All textile and apparel production is currently made in the USA.

The Closets

These Closets have been designed to maximize your selling opportunities while minimizing your out of pocket expenses. They include samples in various sizing in addition to jewelry items. Personal Stylists can either provide their own clothing rack and hangers or purchase these items through ARD.

These closets are just a starting point for each Personal Stylist. Additional items can be purchased to round out the closet based on the needs of their customer.

Closet 1-Spring 2014

Stylist Investment: $750

  • Look books
  • Training materials
  • Ava Rose Designs Stylist Coach
  • 14-days to order 35% off of retail pricing on apparel
  • 20% off of retail pricing on accessories
  • Sales incentive opportunities

Clothing racks and hangers can purchased at an additional cost.

What’s hanging in your closet!*

Style Name Size
Pant A 2- TBD
Spring Cardigan TBD
Dress A 2- TBD
Skirt A 2- TBD
Top A 2- TBD
Top B 1- TBD
Pant B TBD
Dress B 2- TBD
Jumpsuit TBD
Dress C TBD
Tunic TBD
Earrings A One Size
Earrings B One Size
Necklace One Size
Accessory One Size

*Closet subject to change based on number items or additional items not yet listed above.

Hosting a Show

The event hostess will receive:

  • 35% off of one item just for hosting the show
  • 20% off their net purchase when their show sales reach $700net
  • 30% off of their net purchase when their show sales reach $1300, plus a $15 credit towards their net purchase.
  • Extra bonus! If hostess sells over $2000net not including their purchase they will receive an additional $15 credit off their own (net) purchase which totals $30.

Order Fulfillment

  • ARD will fulfill orders directly with the customer via USPS w/in 3-4 business days
  • ARD will handle all returns directly with customer
  • All purchases over $100 will receive free shipping
  • Flat rate shipping in U.S. but outside of Arizona is $9.95 for orders under $100
  • Flat rate shipping in Arizona is $7.95 for under $100

Return Policy

Items are eligible for return or exchange up to 15-days from after the date of purchase. We will only accept returns for items that have not been worn, altered or washed, and all tags must be attached. ARD is not responsible for items that shrink when washed. Any items marked as final sale cannot be returned or exchanged. Customers are responsible for return shipping fees and can use any carrier they choose. Upon receipt of returned goods, Ava Rose Designs reserves the right to deny a refund if the merchandise does not meet the return policy requirements state above. Original shipping charges for returned merchandise are non-refundable unless we have made a shipping error. Prior to sending back any merchandise, please contact us at or 1-877-547-1311.

Company Disclosures

  • Personal Stylists are ambassadors to the brand and in order to grow their business financially it’s their responsibility to focus on building their team. ARD is not responsible for building individual teams. With team growth brings more long-term revenue
  • Personal Stylists are encouraged to host a minimum of 2 Style Events per season.
  • Closet investments are subject to change each season.
  • ARD likes to keep the lines fresh therefore if a new item launches in the middle of the season the Stylists will have a certain period of time to purchase that apparel item at 35% off and/or jewelry at 20% off.
  • Personal Stylists are 100% responsible for the privacy of customer credit card numbers.
  • In order to avoid too much concentration ARD will only hire a certain number of Stylists based on the population of their geographic region.
  • Ava Rose Designs compensation plan and sales model is subject to change based on growth and future opportunities.
  • Personal Stylists are prohibited from selling any of their sample items to retailers or ecommerce sites unless it is a second-hand item..
  • ARD can sell directly through company ecommerce site.
  • Items are subject to selling out; Stylists and customers will be notified when this happens.
  • Personal Stylist will be notified on seasonal sales prior to a sale going public to help generate additional sales directly.
  • All Stylists must fill out a 1099 form once contract is signed with ARD.
  • Ava Rose Designs accepts debit cards and all major credit cards.
  • Ava Rose Designs will not accept checks or cash for purchases.
  • Ava Rose Designs is the DBA for Sroda LLC.
  • All Personal Stylists are brand builders for our company and contractually agree to obey all company policies both publicly and privately, respect upper management and their Senior Stylists within the company. If these policies are not met throughout the year Ava Rose Designs does have the authority to terminate immediately
  • Personal Stylists are required to obey and contractually agree on the return policies